Ezra Pound Slept Here

This, my second blog entry is dedicated to ShadowMe Teresa. 

Teresa gave me some good blog advice today.   “Don’t pre edit the editing of your blog post”  Now my memory has actually not served me well on what Teresa’s actual words were, and so I’m misquoting her, of course–even though we spoke but an hour or so ago.  Tthe quote above is what lingers in a fog –a synaptic sea –her quote, my perception of what she said,  waits  tangled in dendritic estuaries.  Her actual words are like cargo on  a little ship waiting sail across a chemical sea…to be transported  to another port where perhapsthe fogs are at least suffused with an amber Autumn glow.  (oh brother!–cvan’t i even edit out that last bit?)  Jeeze.  

And so, this blog post will not be edited.  The errors, mistakes, typos, et al, will be yours to enjoy as you will.  I, on the other hand, will play boody hjell trying not to go back and fix things.   I must tell you that the mistakes are not contrived.  See how well I’ve lived in a boomer shroud of perfectionism?

Not quite clear wjat I menan? And so it goes.  This post is a gift to myself lovingly given because of my Friend Teresa’s loving words.   

Now to Ezra Pound.     When I read Canto II on Teresa’s Blog, the following made me think of seeing Nijinsky dance the “dying faun.”    I will never forget his face, his grace, his dance. And I remember hearing Dick Cavett talk on his show eons ago about how Nijinsky went mad and lived out his life in an “insane assylum.”

From Pound’s Cantos II: 

“And we have heard the fauns chiding Proteus
in the smell of hay under the olive-trees
And the frogs singing against the fauns
in the half-light.”

This morning at dawn…which is my night, I made this the following TarotCcard to stand  as my contribution to a Tarot Deck being created by some close Tarot-loving friends.  Asd it has always been for me, I had made earlier attempts to create my “card.”  And had rejected them as hideous. 

This one came softly, with ease and with a kind of peace that kindly visits me when I’m out on the edge again…alone and hiding in the fog.



~ by dancingwind on Monday, October 16, 2006.

One Response to “Ezra Pound Slept Here”

  1. I love it – the post with errors and all is very Poundian. I will think of it and smile as I delve back into the insanity that is Pound for the next few weeks. And still – I love this Sun card. So unusual (and for me so much better) than the usual. It puts the Sun in its place in the universe (i.e., not everything revolves around the Sun) and shows its dark side, along with the glowing light. Thank you for both!! – Teresa

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