Time and Tide

M 31 Andromeda

“The times, they are a changin’ ”

Time. It’s been some “time” since I wrote anything for Candle in the Wind.

Been thinking about time. Seriously thinking about time. Is time real? Is our linear collective perception about how time unfolds the true nature of time?

Time has been called the Fourth Dimension, presumably first by Albert Einstein in relation to his theory of Special Relativity. In our so-called three dimensional world, scientists have been measuring time as if it were a straight line for hundreds of years. Timelines graph events and histories in a linear fashion. This Fourth dimension been used as such in Physics since Einstein gave the world his famous equasion.

How many times does the word “time” come up in our everyday conversation, in print, in our thoughts, in our lives?

This time. That time. Next time. Past time. Pastime Right time. Wrong time. High time. Your time. My time. In time. On time. Out of time. Over time. Overtime. No time.

Good times. Bad times. Old times. New times. Slow times. Fast times. Right times. Wrong times.

Time flies. Time to go. Where does the time go? What time is it? I ran out of time. Time’s up. Take your time. Give me time. All the time in the world. Time and time again. Time stood still.

Here and now in what we call the twenty-first century current perspectives on the nature of time, seem to consist of a lot of folks rediscovering that linear time may be an invention of our collective thought form.

What really gets me is that it has always been known that to truly live our lives, and make our way upon our Spiritual journeys, we must learn to be in the present only. In the moment. Not in the so-called past, and not in the so-called future. Long before “Baba” Ram Dass proclaimed in the 70s to “Be Here Now,” it was known that the secret to true existence lies in being present. In all the major world “faiths” this Truth is evident. Native peoples the world around and in all erasbelieved and lived this Truth. Jesus and Buddha taught this Truth. The recent popular writings of Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) remind us and retell us this ancient Truth.

Ironic, isn’t it? That we spend so much “time” dwelling on “time,” when we are simply supposed to be here now. 🙂 We imagine we have “wasted time.” We convince ourselves that “time has been unkind” to us. We think that “time marches on and on;” that one day “our time will be up.”

So if we are to be Present, in the moment, in the here and now, what are we to make of Time?

I think of our existence–including time–as a hologram. First start out in our so called three (and four) dimensions. Picture a raindrop on a pond and watch the ripples flow outward. Imagine that you can then see them continue beyond the pond, through the land and even further than that, out through the earth itself… and then further still out into the universe ceaselessly rippling outward forever. Think of all the concentric circles interlacing when the raindrop becomes a rain storm. The pond surface becomes a fantastic geometric mosaic. If we then think that every action, every thought, every event, every “everything” on all levels and all planes send out these ripples and that these undending ripples intersect and interlace with all the other endless ripples, you can begin to see where I am going with this.

Then if we pull these endless ripples intersecting all over the place everywhere and on every plane or dimension up into a spiral… a holographic spiral… It becomes almost possible to visualize then how All is touching All else. Or how all might be All happening at once–at the same “time.” To me, this visual is incredibly miraculous and beautiful. And Sacred.

Most growth patterns reproduce the same sacred spiral ratio on earth and in the universe. This is called The Golden Ratio or the Golden Spiral (Defined by the Fibonacci Series of numbers: 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13…). See: http://goldennumber.net/fibonser.htm

You see the Golden Spiral everywhere. In the Nautilus shell, of course, but this exact same “sacred” ratio occurs everywhere in nature. Everywhere! You can see it well in the ripened sunflower head. And yet it turns in the umbilical cord, in your fingerprint, in your very bones. This magic spiral is seen the ram’s horn, in the whorl pattern of branches on the tree, in the turn of the vine, in the placement of leaves on your plants, in the petal patterns of the rose. You can especially see this spiral in succulent plants and pinecones (if you turn them upside down and look at the bottom). The Golden Spiral hides in the curl of the wave, in the weather systems seen and photographed by our satellites.
See: http://goldennumber.net/life.htm

And of course, our kind borrows from nature and expresses the Golden Spiral in Art and in architecture. We have wonderfully taken this Sacred Geometry and used it to create amazingly beautiful works of art, structures and monuments. DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man illustrates the Golden Ratio expressed in the proportions of the human body. The spiral staircase is one obvious architectural example.

With our so-called limited senses, to think about electromagnetic energy, all energy signatures for everything that exists in our “world” emanating outward in waves much like our image of radio waves (as seen in the old RKO films opening “signature” of a radio tower emitting a radio signal) is one thing. As we know, Science has always relied on what we see, hear, feel, touch and smell, and the empirical scientific method. Not a bad system, and certainly a viable system when attempting to prove theory. Scientists who are honest will tell you that even though a theory can be proven over and over again, when it comes right down to the universal Big Questions, it’s all still theory. Some may debate this and declare that we do have “Facts.” Proven Facts. This depends on where you are standing! And what “time” it is when you are standing “there.”

Scientists are shifiting with the “times” in my opinion. I see Physics, for instance, and metaphysics brushing shoulders these days. My own, (and I am guessing many other people feel this too) more subtle senses, like intuition, psychic senses, precognition, clarsentience are growing more pronounced. Markedly more pronounced. And I can feel a collective cohesion. There’s no way to prove this, as I can’t tell you how many people are feeling this quickening. This cohesive and collective surge that I feel in the group consciousness may be nothing more than infinite holographic spirals infinitely intersecting and interlacing–yet seen three and four dimensionally as endless concentric circles radiating outward upon a simple pond during a rainstorm. From this perspective the rainstorm eventially ends and the pond stills. The question though is this: Do the emanations stop when the pond stills?

We pretty much know (at least a great number of us) that we have many more than five senses. What if other realms, dimensions, perhaps even what western religion has called Heaven and Hell, exist here, now; right next to us? So close, that if we could just see through these “veils,” beyond what we “think” defines reality; we would know absolutely that this earthly plane is but one among thousands, or millions, even billions of other realms or dimensions, of other times and of other spaces.

What our contemporaries are writing about and speaking about are not new ideas. It’s just that our collective awareness and consciousness is coming to a point (the Age of Aquarius) where we are wanting to let each other know that we understand these Truths, that we recognize the Heart and Soul of Truth. And that we want so much to share the excitement collectively: That we want to do something with this conscious re-emergance of Truth and the Power of this Truth.

What if we were/are all present at all Times in what we consider the past? What if the future is completely malleable at all “times?”

Maybe it isn’t that “time” “heals all wounds.” What if what heals all wounds is knowing that we are not limited by “time” or “space?” What if healing takes place in no “time?” This would be good news. It would be the Greatest news. That this is so is the Hope in my Heart.

Namaste, dancingwind pond-ripples.jpg


~ by dancingwind on Thursday, November 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Time and Tide”

  1. Ah, Dear One, I’m glad to see you back! Love that photo at the top and I love your words – always so wise and so full of thoughts to ponder. Some day, some place, you and I will recall this time on earth and I do hope we smile a lot and laugh, too, as we remember what a challenge and what a joy it all was.

  2. Excellent! Lots of stuff to think about. Yep — I feel the quickening, too. 🙂

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  4. Love the idea of no time – it makes all the rest seem insignificant in so many ways.

  5. Members of the WordPress community who like to explore sacred geometry may like to see the ancient examples on:

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