To Be Or Not To Be…

In a small, very unique online community, I have been blessed to belong to, some of us have been in touch daily for going on seven years. We are kindred spirits; caring souls each of us, with our own respective, personal “brand” of Spiritual beliefs. We share common interests; we share our hopes and dreams; we share our worries and we share our sorrows. We have become the closest of loving, supportive friends.

This amazes me still, after all these years–this possibility and this opportunity that our amazing World Wide Web provides for us as a species. I am grateful every day for this opportunity to know true community. To experience a Family of Souls who can accept and love unconditionally with Faith and Trust. I can honestly say that I would trust these friends with my life.

In our small long-standing community, my kindred sisters and brothers have in so many ways reached out to me during some of my darkest hours. And yet, many if not most, of us have yet to meet face to face. We don’t let this stop us from celebrating together, praying in our respective, personal ways together, gathering to celebrate holidays and birthdays in ways I never would have imagined possible.

Often, “just because,” someone posts a list of brief questions; and we answer them, revealing more about who we are, what we think, and how we feel. Sometimes we answer the questions playfully.

The other day, four or five questions were posted. One of the questions went something like this: If you were God, and wanted to give a message to the world, what would you say, and how would you deliver the message?

I began to answer the questions, and when I came to this one, just began to write. Didn’t plan what to write. Just started writing. I didn’t change how it came out, except to clean up some untidy sentences. Almost didn’t post my answer to this question to our small online community, as my answer is long. It is hardly a couple sentences, and far from just a couple paragrahs in length. But I did post it, figuring my friends know I get this way, and they know I can be long-winded. They love me anyway. Those who commented, suggested I put my answer to this question on my blog.

Included a favorite and significant Tarot Card image below and a short commentary on the Card.


From the Gendron Tarot Deck~*~The Fool

Note: The Fool in the Tarot represents every human at the beginning–the beginning of our emerence into the school of life. He comes into this world as Spirit in Human dress. She must take “The leap empty-handed into the void,” as Tarot “folks” are fond of saying. This leap means simply that we learn the hard way. We carry an innocence within always, in that we are always learning, no matter what. Hopefully, we eventially go where Light is.

The fool begins to learn how to live “True” as a Spiritual Being having an earthly experience. She goes through the Twenty-two Major Arcana Archtypical passages, which put simply could be called A Sacred Book of Life. It is into this experience–the Dance of Life–that each of us is “thrown.” It is within the context of our journey in the material world, that we are challenged to learn the True Way. The Fool, then, is not a silly buffoon, but represents the Spritual traveler.

Over and over and over again we come to the edge of who we are and what we are. The Tarot is about “The Fool’s Journey” through the greatest Mystery School there is: Life.

Again, the question: If you were God, and wanted to give a message to the world, what would you say, and how would you deliver the message?

Here is my answer:

If I were God, I would deliver my message to the World in an email:

My Dearest Beings on Planet Earth,

All Things are Sacred. All Beings are sacred. The land is Sacred, your Mother Earth is Sacred. The Stones are as Sacred as the smallest grain of sand. All is Sacred. In All the Universes this is True.

I wanted to experience it all and so I sent down to the planets many Spirits to live in a material form. I put some Spirits into all Living Beings and certain other Spirits into All Things in All Creation.

I put some Spirits into Beings with the ability to think in evolved ways; Beings who could use language. The Word. Beings who could laugh; Beings who could cry and Beings who could create in more diverse ways.

Holy Cow! Ever since I did that…oh my goddess where do I start?

Some of You, and You know who You are, have it down–always have and always will. You adapt, you change, you grow even though your numbers are used up in material form carelessly by the evolved thinking Beings to whom I gave Free Will and who have the ability to create in diverse ways. I am so proud of you dandelion! And ivy, and morning glory vine. To those of you who have been “wiped out:” do not despair…you are still here, but in a different form. You will always endure. You are not forgotten. Ever.

To everything on your planet, it looks as if most of these evolved thinking Beings to whom I gave Free Will and who have the ability to create in diverse ways have lost their way. At critical times in your time frame, a very long time ago, groups of these evolved thinking Beings to whom I gave Free Will and who have the ability to create in diverse ways made certain choices. In making these certain choices, they concluded with their evolved thinking minds that they could play God. And yet they had forgotten who I am. Who we All are. These lost ones; these certain ones of your fellow Beings have refused to see the Sacred-ness within All Creation. They thought they were the only ones on your planet who can evolve and think and who can create in diverse ways. They even decided they alone could laugh and cry! Hard to imagine.

When I gave these evolved thinking beings Free Will, I guess I knew where that would lead. Maybe I could have left more clues, but I thought the Sacred Splendor and the Sacred Beauty Everywhere would be Proof Enough. I thought that the Divine Spirit which connects All Sacred Things and All sacred Beings could never be obscured. The Truth appears to you to be obscured. Even I almost thought this has most certainly happened. But Truth can never really be obscured. Trust me.

So Take Heart my Dearest Ones. All of You. All Things. Here, Now. Yesterday and Tomorrow.

I am not angry at the evolved thinking beings with Free Will. Some of them have come to believe they have the right to say who and what lives and who and what dies. True, they refuse to see the Sacred-ness of All things. I am not disappointed in them, nor am I punishing them. I forgive them completely. They are not born sinners. To me they are my precious Children who got lost. It’s nobody’s fault. My Love is unconditional.

A mistake in thinking took place a very long time ago in the minds of the evolved thinking Beings who have Free Will and who have the ability to create in diverse ways. The mistake began when the evolved thinking Beings who have Free Will and who can create in diverse ways decided that they were put here to dominate All the other Sacred Things and Sacred Beings–including their own Mother, the Earth.

This error in thinking continued and progressed until some of the evolved thinking Beings who possess Free Will and who can create in diverse ways decided that evolution stopped with them. It happened a long long time ago when they came to believe that they were the top rung on the evolutionary ladder. They actually believed and still believe– if you can imagine this: that evolution stops with them! And yes, there is such a thing as evolution. Not exactly as your Darwin thought, however.

When this “crucial” error in thinking changed to a core belief for them, the evolved thinking Beings with Free Will and the ability to create in diverse ways convinced themselves that they were better than All the other Sacred Beings and All the Sacred Things in their World. Then it went even further afield. They started to believe that certain among them were better than All other Beings and they also they decided they were better than others of their own kind. This mistake was even explained and executed using me as a point of contention. Whoa!

It appeared that it was all down hill from there.

Even now, as I write this to you, there are small pockets of Beings who still know the Sacred-ness of all Beings and of All Things. These Beings are called uncivilized and are looked down upon. They are not left alone to be Sacred in their own Sacred ways and in their own Sacred places. These small numbers of evolved thinking Beings who have Free Will and who can create in diverse ways did not choose to lose the Truth and the true Vision. They are found all over your Planet. They do not care about gathering material wealth and they do not care to have power over All the other Sacred Things and All the other Sacred Beings, and they still try to live the True Way. But even so, they have been tricked and abused by the evolved thinking Beings who have Free Will and who can create in diverse ways and who still carry the mistake in thinking forward to this day. It appears that these so-called lost Beings have lost their Way, their True Vision; that they have buried it deep in a dark place within, and it seems this has caused them to lose their way.

Compared to the eons and eons in your geologic time frames, the so called ages of the Universes; the evolved thinking Beings who have Free Will and who can create in diverse ways have been here but one split second! And yet some Beings have come to such a critical state that for me to stay out of it…well it is just no longer an option for me. This is why I am sending you this email.

At different times in your time frames, I have sent Messengers. And All the Messengers came with One True Message. And All the Messengers are still teaching the Message. There are Messengers always among All Sacred Beings and All Sacred Things. And the Messengers always know the Message. The Messengers come in many forms and in many guises. You would be surprised to know that some Messengers are mere stones. Even stones are Messengers! You may be surprised to know that some Messengers are mere trees. Even trees are Messengers. Have you ever seen a dew drop poised at the edge of a wizened leaf? A Messenger. Have you ever seen a waterfall? A Messenger. Have you lain down on warm sand and listened to the Sea? Every grain of sand; every droplet in the wave, the wave, the sea of endless waves–Messengers All. Have you ever heard a bird sing? You catch my drift.

You may think that I am asking myself, “where did I go wrong?” I am not. Before the evolved thinking Beings to whom I gave Free Will and the ability to create in diverse ways started to believe they were above All Else, I thought they would surely know within their Spirits that they are Co-Creators with me. They did know this for a long long while. And there are many now who are Knowing this. It has always been thus, and it will always be thus.

But the powerful and the greedy Beings to whom I gave Free Will and who have the ability to create in diverse ways–the ones who made crucial errors in their thinking, and carried these errors forward–used their material wealth and their power to bury pieces of the Truth in the name of greed and power only, and not in the Name of all that is Sacred and Holy. They began to annihilate each other. They twisted the One True Message. They re-wrote the Word. They treated their Mother Earth as if she belonged to them only and not to All Sacred Beings and All Sacred Things. The Sacred trust was broken, but it was not taken away.

Mother Earth is a forgiving Mother. But she is growing weaker and weaker because even She can only take so much abuse, and Know this: Like All Sacred Beings and like All Sacred Things, she needs Love. She is a Sacred Being as alive as any Living Being in All the Universes.

As the killings and the murders and the slaughters escalated and grew and grew, I considered what to do about my so-called lost children. There were many many evolved thinking Beings to whom I had given Free Will and who could create in diverse ways who never lost the Truth. So I sent their Spirits back to live among those who had become lost. I did this over and over and over again. It will always be thus.

Hear Me: There are many more Spirits who have never lost the Truth, than there are those who seem to have lost the True Vision and the Truth. These Spirits who have never lost the Truth are incarnated all over the Planet Earth, and all over the Universes. They are Evolved Thinking Beings who have Free Will and who can Co-Create in Diverse ways.

They are many. They are alive today. And there are many many “Knowing” Spirits working in other realms right along with those who inhabit the Earth. They have lived and learned and kept the Sacred-ness of All Beings and the Sacredness of All Things in their Hearts and in their Souls. I have sent these Spirits who possess Honest Intent over and over again and again over many many eons in your frame of time. They are great in number. They are the Spirits who have lived on many planets many many times before, and it is they who possess the Sacred Intention to be Honest with themselves and thus with Each Other. When this Honesty is Intended, the Truth will surface. The Sacred Trust is restored.

So… I have chosen to let the evolution of the One Message, the One Truth play out.

It is not to be doubted–this: All is One.

I am not what or who you think I am. I am not religious. I am Sacred and Holy, as All Beings and All things are Sacred and Holy. As I am Divine, so All Things and All Beings are All Divine. Not just the evolved thinking Beings to whom I have given Free Will and the ability to Create in Diverse Ways, but All of Creation is Divine.

You may have noticed I have used the word, “Co-create.” The instant I thought to experience all of Creation–at that precise moment, creation as you know it became Co-Creation.

It is good to pray. Even better to Intend with Honesty. Total Honesty. To Feel. It is the Honesty and the Open Heart that Co-Creates. Not for the “one” but for the “All.” The All that is One. I already know what all the prayers are before they are even thought or uttered. And I know what is in the Hearts of All. From the spinning spider to the baby in your arms. If you listen with your Heart, you will hear what I hear.

It is important to remember that though it may seem to you that all is a lost cause: It is not. Never think that way. Every time you think that way, stop. And begin again. Even if you must begin again every second.

There are fewer so-called Dark Hearted evolved thinking Beings with Free Will and who can create in diverse ways than there are those of you who know the Truth and the Message. Many more live in the Light than live in the Dark. Do not ever Doubt this.

Do not give over your Truth to the so-called Dark Hearted by succumbing to their efforts to keep you in fear. This is exactly what the so called Dark Hearted want you to do.

Do not live in fear. Faith is a real thing. Have Faith. You know those picture puzzles you sometimes put together? You open a brand new box. You have faith that every piece is contained in that box. And you begin to put the pieces together to make up the entire picture. What if the picture puzzle were a hologram? And every piece contained the whole picture? All the pieces contain the whole. This is how it truly is. You must continue to put the puzzle pieces together. Faith that all the pieces are here is what you need to remember. Faith is All.

When doubt comes in, or fear; use instead your abilities to “Co-Create” in diverse ways. Co-create your world anew. I will help. It can be done. It will be done.

Thy Will be done.


Peace, Love and Light
Forever and ever,



~ by dancingwind on Friday, November 23, 2007.

4 Responses to “To Be Or Not To Be…”

  1. Dear Sister of the Heart – I’m so glad you posted this – you always have wise words and amazing insights to share. I often think about your posts long after I read them and I always bless the Universe for allowing us to know one another.

  2. Beautiful Sister, thank you for posting this in your blog. You make the hope in my heart grown warm and large. with love…

  3. Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any tips?

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